IlluminotoRevealing nature's hidden beauty through symmetry

Inspired by the inherent beauty within chaotic plumes

Originally, this work took, for its inspiration, the chaotic nature and form found in the plumes of burning incense. It evolved to embrace the order found in nature’s creations. Ultimately, it’s a blend of both, folded and entwined to create striking patterns, totally unique in each case, but combining the fundamental essence of the subject.

Simple beauty to punctuate any space

Bold, yet sophisticated. Perceptibly simple, captivatingly complex, shape and colour used to accentuate or contrast a living or working space.

From centre pieces

Chosen to make a splash. An impression that will transfix the viewer, and draw them further in as their gaze lingers.

To conversation pieces

Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. But, with Illuminoto, more than just beauty often lies before the eye. Just peer deeper, what do you see?

Find the devil in the detail

From the overlapping layers of fluidity, chaotic perturbations in the vaporous aether gives rise to symmetric patterns of immense complexity and beauty.

Explore the gallery

Visit our online gallery and immerse yourself in a bravura of shape and colour. A diversity of images inspired either by incense plumes, flora or objects.