Mild weather. Telluride, Colorado Function unknown 12. Follow the power lines. While this doesnt mean much, as there is a National Guard Depot just north-west of here, it does seem strange that the rumors of an underground military installation in the area just wont go away. Munds Park named after an early settler has been the location of a supposed underground military facility for quite some time now. - reader comment left on author's site. John, a local businessman, politician, and photographer grew up on the ranch and obviously knows the area well. Cheyenne Mountain -Norad -Colorado Springs, Colorado Function: Early Warning systems missile defense systems Space tracking Levels: Multiple Tunnels to: Colorado Springs, Function: Early warning systems, military strategy, satellite operations Levels: Multiple NORAD is a massive self-sustaining city built inside the mountain Tunnels to: Creede, Denver, Dulce Base, Kinsley. "Great read rivals Cussler and RielyThank you." Kevin knew the mans name because he read it from the credit card, but nothing else about him. Regardless of what took place here decades ago, I believe it more feasible that the D.U.M.B. This patent was filed by multiple scientists from the Los Alamos military testing facility in 1971. One of the U.S. Military's most enigmatic military bases is open for business again because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some speculate that this D.U.M.B. Just like New Orleans in the late 50s and early 60s, it is my opinion that CO is now a hotbed of nefarious government ops. Where is his father? I find it more than coincidental that UFO sightings around the Sedona area increased dramatically in the late 90s immediately following the Bradshaw Ranch acquisition. These were people whom I knew in a small town of 300 people, somebody told them something. This patent was filed by multiple scientists from the Los Alamos military testing facility in 1971. As well as through the Hwy 93 / I-40 juncture where many believe a major D.U.M.B is also located. A quick Google map search of the Petro Kingman area will pull up a Petro fueling station 14 miles east of Kingman, AZ. The man was not government but used the stolen government credit card to purchase computer equipment over the course of 3 years without getting busted. Please feel free to check out the submission page. Aside from the staggering number witnessed UFOs and testimony of strange military operations in these areas, I believe the following reasons to be grounds for these locations. I think it amazing that this technology has been around since the 1950s yet still evaded the general publics sphere of awareness. DUMB. by Sarah Laskow November 30, 2016 Men in an. Learn more about your ad-choices at See omnystudio.c Show Stuff They Don't Want You To Know, Ep CLASSIC: Deep Underground Military Bases - Nov 17, 2020 I was originally informed that this airport does not accommodate airbuses and was specifically designed to land Air Force One. I can't wait for the next in the series. Another key player in the Dulce base conspiracy theory is a man named Paul Bennewitz. This I began to find a little strange. Despite all the dust-up about the property trading hands so many times and once even being donated. When new books are released, we'll charge your default payment method for the lowest price available during the pre-order period. He stated that the Grand Canyon Airport has the 3. I will not attempt to write out every UFO sighting ever relayed to or witnessed by myself in the Big Sandy Valley. The site is located 22 miles east of Florence, Arizona, just south of the Florence-Kelvin Highway. His short story Cyber was first published in the defunct Alien Skin Magazine. You can either email me directly or write your own piece and submit it and Ill get it posted here on the website. Sunspot, NM Function unknown 9. [2], Starting in 1979, Bennewitz became convinced he was intercepting electronic communications from alien spacecraft and installations outside of Albuquerque. Id seen him making rounds with the other employees engaging in what seemed to be small talk. Your tax dollars of course. You know, the usual. This area is the first viable area south of the Grand Canyon. What do they want with humanity? Watch popular content from the following creators: DulceBaseFiles(@dulcebasefiles), DulceBaseFiles(@dulcebasefiles), ovni(@ovni750), The sister you never had(@jbee1111), ASCENSION(@contraportal) . This shed looked only big enough to hold one vehicle. , CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 13, 2013), Language They don't leave that stuff.". Mt. How? He looked at me and said something to the effect of oh, that makes a lot more sense now. I asked him to explain and he told me that hed been working a ranch up near the highway 93/I-40 junction. Perhaps there was an ongoing clandestine operation at that time which required a fictitious name and he decided on Dr. I would imagine that mild weather, especially winters would allow for easier movement and facilitation of year-round work. It is this strange behavior on the part of the federal government which has spurred the multitudes of speculation and conspiracy theories. The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a deep underground military base located near Colorado Springs. Does anyone think the increased mass shootings in Colorado Columbine 1999, YWAM/new life shootings 2007, Platte Canyon High School 2006, Aurora Theater Shooting 2012, Arapaho High School Shooting 2013, Colorado Springs Shooting 2015- immediately followed by per-constructed anti-firearm legislation is organic in nature and doesnt have anything to do with the HUGE presence of U.S. military and high level government facilities located in the region? Lassen, California Tunnels to: Probably connects to the Mt. Solid State Batteries Promise Long Life and Rapid Refuel Electric Vehicles, Electric vs. Hydrogen: The Pros and Cons of Greener Transportation, With a new year comes new opportunities, and theres no time like the present to start learning more about parts of the world youve never dreamed of before. In fact, fronting a property in a civilians name and perhaps even operating it as a working cattle ranch while things go on underground, either actually, or metaphorically seems to be a great strategy for clandestine ops. He was, however, asking all the locals about tunnels under the desert leading to underground facilities. David Sloma is the author of the highly-rated D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) series of novels, now going into book 6. There's an underground war being waged against the Greys who are kidnapping vast numbers of humans for unknown purposes and Leon's in the thick of it. 2005: Williams Field Bomb Target Range #6 is a one square mile area that was used for bomb practice in WWII. It was then purchased by a Scott Fisher and I lost track of it there. Now for all the Steven King readers out there, youve probably already noticed something a little strange about the name of the aforementioned microbiologist, for the rest of you well fill you in. D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases). Dreamland (Data Repository Establishment and Maintenance Land) Elmint (Electromagnetic Intelligence), Biological weapons research and genetic manipulation/warfare storage, Cold Empire, EVA, Program HIS (Hybrid Intelligence System),BW/CW; IRIS (Infrared Intruder Systems), Security: Above ground cameras, underground pressure sensors, ground and air patrol 2. There are a few minor tremors from time to time but never anything catastrophic or major. 2019 documentary. I can recall when I was in high school hearing something about this. - reader comment left on author's site. A few days later he was downloading some land use maps into his GPS unit (Kevin is a prospector/treasure hunter, and metal detector enthusiast) when he noticed something peculiar. the cows were incubating alien babies. [3] [4] [5] : 2 The bunker has emergency operations centers for the United States Army, Navy, Air Force . Minutes later, they all loaded up in the helicopter and took off. In 1990, a "Paul Snyder" wrote about Dulce Base conspiracies. This leaves scenarios 1 and 2. Phil Schnieder - Deep Underground Military Bases. Includes initial monthly payment and selected options. If you are not from the Kingman area this may not mean much to you but Ill just tell you that there is nothing on the western side of the Hualapai Mountain range as it is extremely rough and rocky terrain. I want to thank Mr. Jay for his time and input on this matter. Camp Navajo sits just north of a high voltage power line. [11], Dulce Base legends have been noted for their similarity to the Shaver Mystery. By no means do I wish to type out everyone elses list of professed underground bases, but for the purpose of this site and this article, the following seems to be a complete list of suspected D.U.M.B.s in Arizona according to many of the sites which I visited. Still, much of the information got out and one can still find much of it bouncing around conspiracy websites today. I just spent a few days traveling the AZ high desert, EXACTLY where your article focuses, and am now somewhat familiar with the areas mentioned. I pressed him a little, and perhaps he thought I was questioning his integrity as he politely yet sternly told me that he wasnt making it up. He said that uniformed men got out, stopped the tail, and allowed the trucks to get ahead. Strange that there is no mention of any archaeological sites on the Bradshaw ranch prior to the Federal Government seizing control of the site. Aside from known underground bases, such as NORAD, Mt. Is there a clandestine world of tunnels and bases underground? Copyright 2023 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. China Lake Naval Weapons Testing Center 5. Join Ben and Matt as they dive deep (underground) in today's classic episode. Deep underground military bases. Cordova, New Mexico Function unknown 4. 10. Sedona, Arizona (also reported detainment camp) Notes: Located under the Enchantment Resort in Boynton Canyon. Those truly were strange days in the Big W. I relay these stories to show the reader the high level of government/military activity in the Wikieup area, and to illustrate the lengths to which our government will go to once they have pointed their lumbering machine in a determined direction. The Rise of the Phoenix: The Daimones Trilogy, Vol. : Fort Irwin, California (also reported detainment camp) Tunnels to: 29 Palms, California Area 51, Nevada Edwards AFB. Fearing for his life, his family, and his business, he agreed to work for the group. He's given many live readings (including some on Halloween) and was a runner-up in a "poetry slam" where he had to write a poem on the spot to the given topic, then recite it on stage - talk about pressure! All books are out now: D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases), Oceandeep: D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) - Book 2, Rescueplan: D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases) - Book 3, Previous page of related Sponsored Products. There are 24 similar practice bomb targets located throughout Arizona which were used during WWII that have confirmed 100 pound practice . He went on to explain that he lived at that time just east of Kingman near the Petro station area on I-40. Photo by: Christopher Nicol/Wikimedia Commons. Once a private 90-acre cattle ranch owned by Bob Bradshaw, the forest service cut allotments to the property limiting the number of cattle he could run on his land, slowly but surely cattle ranching became more difficult and less profitable. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Salt Lake City Mormon Caverns Function: Religions archives storage. Bolor has also helped coordinate the return of over 30 other stolen dinosaurs to Mongolia. You've subscribed to D.U.M.B.s (Deep Underground Military Bases)! Donald J. Trump, The Number "7", and a Roll of the Dice, Fort Huachuca. Page, AZ (Perhaps in the Grand Canyon, or under lake Powell). High voltage power lines also pass right through the town of Wikieup, AZ. Moreno Valley, California Function unknown 14. And the MIb approaches the main character and the first thing he asks is "do you want to work for the shadow government", like really? [2] Yucca (Mtns. Is it a wonder that recreational Marijuana is being beta tested in a state where so many social conditioning programs are emanating from? Mt. It seems quite likely that if an underground installation was being constructed out there that it has been completed at this point and is operational. Perhaps its a natural anomaly, maybe secret government technology, maybe extraterrestrials. He said he was going to get some more coffee and asked me to join him at the tables for a while. That being said, all these locations are located in relatively close proximity to Hoover Dam, with the reputed Grand Wash Cliffs D.U.M.B. Its unidentified. "In March 2020, the United States deployed 30,000 troops to Europe to assist with the excavation of 'DUMBS' also known as Deep Underground Military Bases," the unidentified narrator of the . On the surface, Dulce, New Mexico is just a small southwestern town. I have never had any experience with DUMBs or peculiar spook types either. The first vehicle then drove into the structure while the others waited, after a minute the second SUV followed. But as a Novel it peices together and fills in the way these things are done and handled, and I think it does that quit well. Rincon Mountains. To see our price, add these items to your cart. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Catch a glimpse of the goings-on at the base from this picturesque view. Cheyenne Mountain, an underground facility carved into granite rock,. As you can see the immediate area enjoys an extremely low population with Flagstaff being the largest city around. Phoenix is the 6. Bennewitz, who earned a Ph.D. in physics, became convinced that cattle mutilations around the area were the result of extraterrestrial intervention, according to HowStuffWorks. Built right up against the eastern edge of the Hualapai Mountain range this ranch was originally the Odle ranch, Mr. Odle later sold it to Don Laughlin (whom the town of Laughlin, NV is named for) who donated it to Mojave County Community College. Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2018. Sandia Base, New Mexico Functions: Research in Electrical/magnetic Phenomena Levels: Multiple Tunnels to: Dulce Base Notes: Related Projects are studied at Sandia Base by The Jason Group (of 55 Scientists). Grand Wash Cliffs, on the western edge of the cliffs at the head of Grapevine Wash. Must be reached via highway 93 and then unpaved roads. 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