So I turned around face to face with a manager. Well, in the Republican Party, at least, I dont think we can even debate that you see the democrat what the Democratic Party draws. America is different. This is the tipping point revolution radio folks gonna take a short break, come back and were going to have Douglas Gibbs on for a great hour. The triads are the bloodlines to Emperor Puis, which is why dot dot dot information, it stays in its place for now. Were done with this tyrannical bullshit. I started laughing. I said, Well, I cant have a medical reason. It will bank bank of america with his badge and he decides Im going to use it instead of talking this woman out of the bank. Heres what it says. The insanity which with with which they perpetuate on society, those who dont wear a mask, those who actually are have a have an independent mind or a thinking person, a self determined free person who refuses to bow to tyranny who refuses to be muzzled who refuses a criminal element to perpetuate unlawful and illegal acts on society as a whole. Donald W Mckay. I know. They become convinced that thats all they are. Im walking out of the store. Ladies and gentlemen my name is Scott McKay it is March 22 2021 you are listening to the tipping point on revolution radio Welcome to the show folks if youre brand new here you are in for the high octane full throttle truth hammer on all the deep state scumbag criminals all around the world. Bear with me. They invert everything. 1:40:55 1:06:07 That is then cascaded to information advocates represented in the NGO communities, the medical professionals, etc. Scott MacKay's weekly commentary on politics in RI & MA. And when I put one of those suckers on and I hit the ground, I cannot wear the facial armband. And we have a pretty good idea what it will do to us. God creates us Gods pretty much in control here are the 10 commandments. He is also the creator of the Patriot Streetfighter podcast where the very first episode explaining the military operation behind the 2020 Presidential Election put him into YT censoring stardom as it went viral worldwide. But theyre getting more oppressive, but I dont I really just dont care. I saw you. This is Douglas Gibbs gave us a great night tonight on the Constitution itself. Also, Bloomberg Johns Hopkins University population center. And youll notice when you read the bill of rights, theres no asterisks. And Ive been saying this for over a year. But thats a lot of people back in the 70s 60s 50 6070. There will be no white flag coming up is different. Kevin McAleese communications officer for the gates funded agricultural products how thats interesting. Alan Meyers okay. fantastic, folks. What Im worried about is that there are many people that are missing their opportunity for spiritual ascension. They dont they dont care about this being a Christian founded nation, they dont care about freedom, they care about one thing, power and control nothing more. monarchies. Find more info on AllPeople about Brian McKay and Wildwood Music, as well as people who work for similar businesses nearby, colleagues for other branches, and more people with a similar name. Scott McKay is the host/creator of "The Tipping Point" on Revolution.Radio in Studio B on Monday's @ 8-10pm EST. With this murderous faction, we now just learned that the president of Tanzania who publicly outed these tests, these PCP tests of which theyve made trillions of dollars, the same test that they now are saying, openly, the corporates that they dont work, that they have to revise their numbers dont that dont work. Matrix Warriors. And then I was told when I brought that up one time in a particular group, well, the legislature California gave governor Newsome legislative authority so that he couldnt do it. silver and copper in it. Gates told BBC. But its as stupid as you can. If you would like to know more about what were doing with patriot Street Fighter, you can always go to the website, Scott Theme: Newsup by Themeansar. And theyre sending out their hacks from law enforcement, who have never heard of Sheriff Mack that ever learned what their true responsibility is as a peace officer to protect and serve who the criminals, the mayors, the legislators, the people that issue these unlawful iidx which is unconstitutional. And also the small businesses, you got these small businesses that have these people that just absolutely refuse to back off, and they never want to they they just they small business owners. I assured the participants that Gates Foundation is creating algorithms to sift through information on these social media platforms to protect the public from dangerous thoughts and information. 1:21:36 Those are the people that typically run for elective office. 1:32:27 The Universal and single minded presumption among its participants was that such a crisis would prove an opportunity of convenience to promote new vaccines, and tighten controls by a surveillance and censorship state. Executives through iidx is not a law. So if you tell the if you say that the criminals a bad guy and you believe is a bad guy, your criminal will tell you that thats a negative belief. 5 pm: 6 pm: The Big Puzzle Barry Prince. Because theyre self serving. Theyre going to buckle Why? #VOHRADIO Exclusive With Apostle Michael Petro And Scott McKay At Clay Clark's The ReAwaken America Tour In Dallas, Texas. But I do have a right to pursue it. And the reason it exists folks, or even voices like mine that can come as hard and as fast as we bring it is because this platform is privately funded by you the listener, we have a worldwide reach and worldwide donors. The years that I was actually active in elected politics, working my way, I would say working my way through that the sludge, and climbing over the wreckage that it takes to get into a higher position of elected influence. Thats what they think we were able to steal their election their president. Look at the landscape of the nation. Welcome To Revolution Radio. As soon as I get my food, I take the mask off, I walk out without it. Also, thank you for fixing the pipe leakages in my bathroom. You know, there you can donate to the cause if you like Im also a donor to revolution radio myself. So always grateful for what they have done for the free speech world that allows voices like mine, to continue to project what we project around the world. Did you not hear me for 45 minutes, so I was arguing with them, they finally decided that the way to get me and keep me from screaming any louder because I was starting to get a little loud and it was starting to you know make the patrons nervous is they brought a wheelchair around one staff members will be around to the back entrance of the hospital, where theres another elevator thats away from everybody because we dont want to affect everybody. Absolutely. minus a couple, minus a few. take it for granted. 1:49:37 Anyways, gates event to a one simulated COVID the COVID epidemic that it would cause 65 million deaths at the 18 month end point 65 million deaths. And theres a time when you tell a PR firm to show up. Now that said, some people will quote Oh, gosh, no shirt, no shoes, no service, why not? You know, I picked my church because I didnt have a church in the area for the longest time. | If youve not read it, you must read Thomas Sol Thomas Sol those two hi consult my bed my. This is how they talk. Im a Reagan Baby, I voted for Reagan, when I was 18. And folks, you wont ever go over and see that work. We know what were about. How about we start with starts out again get my mute button off. He says, so I come out on the porch. All you got to do is think the language is right there. 2.06.23 "The Tipping Point" on Revolution.Radio in STUDIO B, Scott McKay and Steve Stern. Yet, we still have these people walking around with this fork and face diaper on I just cant understand it, especially in Texas. Right? This is like a Comedy Hour fake news. One of the things that theyve perpetuated onto all of us is, of course, the COVID nightmare. Oh, no, we dont care about that here. Where Information Never Sleeps and Truth Breaks the Spell. Thats what our system is all about is what American system is all about, from the free market all the way across to your natural rights and your rights. You just nailed it. which created which? So thats two of the strategies that were employing out here. I was with a guy from India. And Im really kind of curious on how they do confine that that particular virus here in Texas keep it from going across the state line borders and infiltrating into other areas or the COVID Back are the COVID virus in other states doesnt come across the Texas border with all of us out here that are unprotected, and were still under the threat of death and the miniscule numbers that they do show, like a I dont know, point 1% point 8% death rate on on a nation or I mean on the planet for this disease worldwide. This bullshit over were going into store with no mass everybody here. We let them get away with it. I dont know what you guys faith out there is but I believe in prayer, I believe prayer is at the top of the list. The very first book is the most recommended one by my readers. They can be prosecuted civilly and criminally under the color of law. He goes, What me? That brought him to this point where hes decided to get in this fight, Doug either. 1:05:20 People say to me, Doug, gosh, I wish the founding fathers would have given us Have a model to use to just go after these jerks. 1:33:41 Adequate alternative accommodation is I think the way its worded. He was self-taught and extremely accommodating to everyone who had a need. Tom Thompson was a 1972 graduate of Ridgewood High School, and the Sales Manager and Sports Director for WTNS radio, having started at the age of 18 in February 1973. In other words, pray about it, talk about it, write about it, gather about it, and be activists about it. They send out their thug force not category categorizing all the police saw so many police departments and officers that hate this bullshit. If you dont, well have you removed. It shows that the virus had burned itself out by one of June 2022 months after Chinas brief lockdowns ended, and no one was spreading it. Eastern time. These frickin criminals. I dont care. My record is I need to get in Guinness as the most strikes and the most YouTube channels that have been taken down. That month. But once again, we have the right to be in public without a mask. And because youre not standing up in a coordinated fashion where you have a billion people with 2 billion eyeballs the laser beaming right at them, which then lets them know that their end is near. economics government and and US history to homeschool high schoolers for economics. smokeymtnwoman. So I cant wear him. And this guy came and got physical will talk to her this Friday. And when somebody would approach me Id tell them the same thing. And she actually had a mask on. Exactly. I have a clinical study completed November 20 2020. performed in Wuhan itself. 45:09 I always have been. Alright, fine. And youre going to protect me what from you? And Ive watched them over many years. SHOW MOREarrow_drop_down Host (s) Scott MacKay RIPR on Mobile Devices 4 years ago Awards 4 years ago Staff 23 years ago Providence Places Regulations On Electric Scooters 4 years ago TGIF: 21 Things To Know About Rhode Island Politics & Media 4 years ago If it wasnt for the immigrants coming in here, say especially the former Soviet satellite countries, Eastern Bloc countries, people I love these people, former, you know, Eastern Europe, these people are vicious patriots, youre like what in the hell is wrong with you people? Found 1 colleague at Wildwood Music. He does he live in Los Angeles around Encino? This is what I mean, folks, this is the arrogance and the density of these bastards. Thats what liberty is about assessing the risk, and then making your own decisions. Yeah, theyre not only you assembled, but anyway, nonetheless, in 1905, they basically said in a national emergency, you have no rights and you have and you have no liberty, because for the good of the community that must be satisfied. 1:50:22 President Tanzania tells the world the day submitted tests performed on a papa. Dont you love that, quote? Thats all they do is lie to the public. It was just released, he died of a heart attack. 1:15:32 1:04:02 And everybody in the world has rights. 5:24 Adrian Thomas of Johnson and Johnson announces some important news to share from some of our member companies, which is pharma. If I know about this, how come the governing class doesnt know about it? 1:49:58 A Wrestling Podcast The Wayne Dupree Podcast Maajid Nawaz The David Pakman Show vivafrei Rand Paul Rob Braxman Tech Rengawr Donald J. Trump Steve Ronin Kimberly Guilfoyle TalismanTate Jason Corey Cane Corso Geometryptamine Jeremy Lynch Boho . 1:54:34 Maybe this is a time for us to showcase some cases where we are able to bring forward some bad actors and leave it before the course to decide whether you have actually spread some fake news. So is it fair that the federal government created States federal government should basically control the States? I said, Yes. Its all disappearing instantly. You need to stand up and defend your liberties. They may issue quarantine policy regarding individuals on a case by case basis, but they have no authority to order a county wide shelter in place law. Same thing all over again. Were not were not on there. Trevor was the go-to guy on the staff with any technical or personal needs. And if thats what they refuse. She was served. They didnt have free market? Theres no right flag, itll be absolute and complete, there will therell be nothing but revenge. We should have had four sides of every milk carton ever manufactured for the last 20 years loaded with kids. You mean centralized International, Harrington says, replies that information access should be centralized on an international basis. act upon instead of sitting there going, well, gosh, a piece of paper says, screw the piece of paper, a screw the government, you have the right to make your decisions. And then after dealing with some publishers trying to get some fictional books published, basically the attitude was, this was in 2005. 21:29 Because you know, this, America loses its freedom, the entire planet goes down into satanic tyranny. But I found out a year ago when I put on those facial armbands that I have vertigo issues, and I have had vertigo issues for years. Let them assess the risk to make the decision for themselves. Return Policy Now it doesnt mean next time that that Im not coming in, Im just not going because we were going to get past the 10th. And they just, it wasnt the cool crowd to be in. 0. And so when I went in there, I got the same thing. And I leaned up against one of the things though my wife, you know, she, she pushes a cart a little closer and the store manager turns to this. This episode of "The Tipping Point" on Revolution Radio was livestreamed on Patriot Streetfighter 7 as it was being broadcast. Their unprincipled stand is gone. I dont have a right to education, I have a right to pursue it. He says, Doug, the Constitution is the prize. So of course I call the Veterans Administration. Follow Scott Video Broadcasting Networks Watch the Patriot Street Fighter in action as Scott McKay conducts stellar interviews while providing LIVE coverage of current-events & uncovers how it all ties to The Great Awakening! And in fact, in vaccines, he recommends a strategy to address the problems to these companies, when quote rumors were actually spreading, that theyre shoddily tested products, quote, are causing deaths. Because the law only allows for adequate isolation in each case, case by case. So obviously, thats not the proper definition. And you know what? Call to Listen Studio-A 641-793-6370: Monthly Goal $2000 ! They said, Well, what about when you come in and next time I said there wont be a next time. Notice: There are affiliate links present on this website, both from the control of Survive the News and from other websites that we do not control. A Journey Down The Rabbit Hole. And they know eventually they deny it so much eventually. Were activists, not just advocates, but activists, for our liberty, activists for our freedom. Donald W Mckay (age 78) is listed at 557 Cambridge Rd Coshocton, Oh 43812 and is affiliated with the Democratic Party. Michael Jay Anderson & Scott Bennett . Constitution and the Liberty is not possible as we have a free exchange system free market, if you want to call it that. And this is no bullshit. And the lawsuit if you want to read the lawsuit, you can go to constitution Association comm we have a PDF of it. And then, and hes like, sir, you need to leave or Im gonna have you escorted out. Scott McKay was seen promoting the tour on his podcast and YouTube channel McKay rose to fame with his live stream post-election video which garnered about 345,000 views in 13 days. And theyve decided that the the the inability to wear masks is coming from my vertigo which comes from a head injury that I received which is given me headaches, which are really actually caused by the neck injury. So what what what is your what Where did you go down this road to become an expert on on the Constitution. And this time, I hope it doesnt happen. We didnt simulate this. on my website? Listen, I. Coshocton, Ohio. For the Vaccinated: NANO SOMA* So I will say. a charlatan actually is with Anthony Fauci promoting people take this vaccine. Scott McKay on -The Tipping Point- on Revolution.Radio in STUDIO B, OVERWATCH Intel. This this this this scumbag milk toast King shit police officer in Galveston, Texas comes in. It just wasnt today it is you go to DC, youre a rock star. As always, why dont like seatbelt laws? Sheer propaganda, sheer propaganda. Now we are here. They didnt do it. I think it was two weekends ago, I was in Under Armour. With technology, the only technology that made her the only person on the plane with a safe piece of facial apparatus. Do you know what the color of law is all about? Thats all the Constitution is doing. That men 1688 led to the 1689 English Declaration of Rights. Shes standing there and saw she was standing there, or I guess she didnt. Why are they not afraid to you? 1:05:22 Its all been by the executives, presidents, governors, mayors, so on and so forth. And I its a weakness that I have. He worked at the radio station for 45 years, up until his death. She had to kind of mask as a doctor, a research scientist, world renowned on a way to speak at a convention to 1000s of doctors about this very issue, wearing a mask. They hold no power of law. I dont have the right to have a cake baked the way I want. And let me give you a real quick just to help you understand. This shit ends all of a sudden COVID is gone. lavonne through Singapores finance minister suggests that the government might make examples of dissidents with quote, government or enforcement actions against fake news. Youve seen the pope where Hillary Clinton Chelsea all these people, Chelsea Handler go down through the list all these people because to try to put the genie back in the bottle of misinformation and disinformation is not possible. And we waited for about 20 minutes. Right. He cant. Just a battle a week and a half ago on this as the SS taken a whole year to get to this point. Let me just ask you a civics question. when you dont know john adams said, once liberty is lost, Liberty is lost forever. Is this is this a bar scene in Star Wars. Now look, Im not gonna Im not gonna tell all the people that you just have to, you know, put up a completely, you know, defensive front. And then I approached me again, sir, you have to step out. Oh, yeah, NGO communities. Thats the only reason why theyre not afraid. Over the last two weeks, Facebook and other social media sites have deep platformed, the author here and many other critics of regulatory corruption and authentic authority, authoritarian public health policies. Send us a message on Facebook. Were going to talk about this radical, nothing more. I dont have a right to be happy. It tells you I go to groups all the time, life liberty, and and then I stop and everybody, always every group I go through pursuit after they know what it says, think about what its saying. But anyway, Thurgood. Some of us this new regulations are come in place. Because we thought the other guy would fight for it. I told you I was going to be bringing down the thunder tonight man and here. Over our many years of experience in the plumbing business, we have been providing a variety of services for many people, always meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. I dont care if you get a barrel of a gun in my head and saying put the mask on. And I said to him, as I say to most all immigrants I ever meet, thank you for coming here. optimism is my force multiplier. Thats a comment here out here on the tipping point. You look familiar with high school geotools. course they dont believe in this garbage anyway. If you have not watched that video from Friday, which I believe was the 18th or the 19th. The the the other tool point thats where my phone because they didnt want me coming into the facility anymore because I cant wear a mask after my final phone appointment. And then we pushed and finished and got in line. Now heres the thing, though, for those of you who think that the Americans with Disability Act protects you? I got a I got a call from somebody today that wanted to get in touch with me to expose something. It will not need to the ground and into a vertical situation to those times of the five I was on the ground for five hours before I was able to get up. And so here we are. Signing up is free and they only ask for your name and an email address. Somebody is about to be torched. Its just that in some places, their government doesnt give them access to the rights. Its going to be delivered in a way, the day twos. Well, she wasnt gonna call the police. Yeah, you know why theyre frightened. Again, they just come right out and say it ask it Yeah, should we just control these people? Yes. out there. And you can of course just send some snail mail, make a checkout to revolution radio. These avances role played members of the pandemic control council Wargaming government strategies for controlling the pandemic, the narrative and the population. I said, No, I dont Ive got a National Medical, well, you still have to have a mask. Not Not you, but to listeners. They were gaming this thing now, and global economic collapse lasting up to a decade compared to the gate simulation. And shes not eligible because shes not a natural born citizen. And when they start dictating to you, and saying, Oh, well, we know youre the will of people better than you do. 1:49:19 Hell not going to spiritually ascend when youre still living in fear. Because at the end of the day, youre the only person that can guarantee your freedom. The first book is probably the one if youre a beginner the constitution youre just learning. with who I do not refrain from attacking like every other scumbag because the ones that exist in a religious order, they all know who they are, and you need to know that they actually exist. 1:20:31 Im pro life, Im not gonna let them put that stuff on my body. They said, well, Doug, yeah, but then, you know, it affects the healthcare system or doesnt have socialized system, not in an individual, individual individualistic, free market system, it doesnt just in the same way, see their thinking with socialist minds. Quote, I think just to build a little bit on what Admiral said, I think as in previous conversations, where weve talked about a centralization around management information or public health needs, there needs to be a centralized response around the communications approach. Well, Thomas Sols basic economics. Because yall America was built on the principles of liberty, natural law, God given rights, we know what were about, we know whos on our side. A peace pipe. So and this is what I try to get through to people. By the way. So, 1:26:36 Those people in most cases that are least intellectually qualified and studied, and have the right temperament and have discernment toward your fellow man. maybe it wasnt you. Theyre massively locked down, folks. hard time on a job. But theres a prototype that came out. Special Guest Brent Johnson, director of Freedom Bound International, a Common Law Service Center, dedicated to the preservation of personal freedom, privacy rights and the Declaration of Independence. So theres been significant observation on how corrupt these Khazarian oligarchs seem to have been planning this crime against humanity. 1:35:27 And after going through the constitution a couple times with me, she says, well, Doug, you really ticked me off. 1:52:18 Great job. First of all, and when it comes to these facial armbands, or as my friend Courtney Williams, like likes calling facial condoms, I, when it comes to these things, theres nothing in the constitution or state constitutions or in any law, that gives government the authority to dictate that you were a specified piece of clothing, first of all, second of all, the reason for it is because its were looking at individualism versus collectivism here, thats ultimately what this is all about. It must be true. what a great time to teach him. So as we do the research to come up with the right vaccines to help prevent the continuation of this, how do we get the right information out there? Didnt make sense. They will not go out of bed. I know that the american revolution happened when Americans were under the most persecution. He says Well, sir, you need to wear a mask. Its time to take this war to a higher level. And if youd like to do snail mail like my dad would do. Then we went by default. Against tyrannical governments. Let me make this very clear. You see how it is there? Before people have enough its inevitable. There are things in play here, theyre going to change this planet on the planet. He comes in to throw his weight around, wrestles her to the ground injures her. And so we sent a certified letter through a server in Washington DC on February 26. 50:59 Where are all these orders and protocols and policies coming from? And then were going to talk about the legalities of everything that I just talked about in the first hour, which is this tyrannical, oppressive assault on human rights and individual freedom, the unconstitutional conduct of the scumbag class, and we have an expert coming on to lay this thing out in no uncertain terms. And I want to correct you from something you said earlier about the Constitution, affording us all rights, it doesnt afford us our rights. Its the monetary system that either upholds or destroys it. And Ive been digging through some information that I want to bring to your attention. I wish everybody would wear one. Well say, hey, maybe maybe they didnt, if theyre so if theyre denying that so vehemently. Get Cool Gear & Fund STN And the way they handled Judy Mike ovitz these fork in scumbags actually work their paperwork system to make sure there was no evidence of their unlawful conduct. Its just a reality. So somebody said a week or two ago, I saw one of the threads on the live stream. as well. Heres your proof. The whole point of this is I cant wear a mask. Share. Then I come to five store executives that are discussing something which Ive never seen before, but somewhere back near the fruit, but the the the beef section. Were gonna say what needs to be said. Its the one show that blew everybodys mind since we started doing the Patriot Street Fighter livestream. cherokee gods and spirits, mcauliffe's meat market weekly ad, is diet sundrop being discontinued,